A place in Nepal where Lord Buddha was born, it is also one of the four sacred places of Buddha religion. These places connected to his life are now important places of pilgrimage for both Buddhists and Hindus as well. Both came here on various festivals, even they made here various temples and places related to religious importance.

The important places of pilgrimage in Buddhism are located in Northern part of India and Southern part of Nepal. This is the area where Gautama Buddha spend and taught his teachings to his disciples.

Historical Background of Lumbini :

It is situated in flat plains of south-Western Nepal and the foothills of Churia range, Lumbini is a place where the lord was born. It is Jerusalem and Mecca for Buddhists.Lumbini’s importance s mentioned in the many famous books of Buddhists.

Famous places of Lumbini : Having Religious Importance :

1. The Buddhist Temple
2. Image of Maya Devi
3. Puskarni – The Sacred Poo
4. Sanctum-Sanctorum of the Birthplace
5. The Ashokan Pillar

How to Reach Lumbini :

Through Air –
The nearest airport is situated in Kathmandu .Nearest Airport in India
Varanasi, 413 kms away from Lumbini.

Through Train –
Nearest railway station is in Gorakhpur via Sunauli, 123 kms away from Lumbini.

Through Road –
There are several roads which connects Lumbini to Tibet, China and India. From Gorakhpur (India) again there are several routes to Lumbini.

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  1. Shiva
    March 22nd, 2012 | 11:54 am

    It is necessary to highlight Lumbini as ucca and Jeruselum.

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