This song Man Mein Ram Basa Le is dedicated to Lord Rama. Lord Rama is the god of universe. He is the roll model in Indian mythology. He is a spiritual light which can raise our inactive feelings towards living our life as like him. Lord Rama was the great image of Ramayana.

Bhajan Man Mein Ram Basa Le:

He always tried to live as a legend to encourage people to capture the hand of truth. This song is sung by Jagjit Singh with his melodious voice.

Jagjit Singh is a singer who can generate a mysterious magic through his voice and knowledge of singing. In this song he tried to raise an effect of lord Rama in our internal soul. Jagjit Singh beautifully sung this song to encourage us. the lyrics of Man Mein Ram Basa Le is as follows.

Man Mein Ram Basa Le Bhajan Lyrics :

mann mein ram basa le

mann mein ram basa le

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