Maha Shivaratri Festival is a one of the great divine occasion of Hinduism. It is celebrated with a grand vivacity by the people in all parts of the country. In Hindu calendar, it takes place in the Phalgun month and according to English calendar, it observed in the February-March month.

Maha Shivaratri Festival this Year :

shiva-panchakshari-mantra-strotraOn this day some devotees avoid food and water and some of the people go through fruits and milk. They take food in the next morning only. It is such a sincere and trustful worship.

Many traditional and ritual things are done by the people like early bath in the holy river, devotees gives a bath to Shiva Lingam with Panchamrit mixture etc.

The Panchamrit mixture contains milk, honey, sour milk, sandalwood paste and rose water. People worship and pray to god Shiva for his blessings and discard their negativity.

People believed that it is a great day to get ‘Moksha’ or ‘to free from rebirth cycle’ by doing a true worship of lord Shiva. It supposed auspicious

to burning incense sticks in front of the idol of lord Shiva because it increase prosperity.

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