Maha Shivaratri is a popular festival of India. This festival comes on the 13th night or 14th night in the Krishna



Paksha (The dark fortnight) of the month of Magha according to Hindi calendar.

Maha Shivaratri festival dedicated to lord Shiva and celebrated by Hindus community people in the month of Febuary or March annually. The festival is actually celebrated by offerings of Bael or Bilva leaves to the Lord Shiva.

Maha Shivaratri is sacred and auspicious festival of Hindus people. Devotees observe fast and keep vigil all night. Many people go to temple of lord Shiva and pray for them and their family. Devotees chant sacred mantras of lord Shiva like “OM Namah Shivay” and full set in devotion during this festival. On Shivaratri, only sacred water and bael leaves are offered to the Lingam and worship of Lingam.

Maha Shivaratri is a well known festival of India. There is a tradition in the temple of Shiva that devotees make or prepare “Bhang” which called generally “Thandai” and which keep cool because, by the samudra manthan (the churning of the ocean) Lord Shiva drank the poison to protect human lives.

It was so intense that something was required to cool its effects as his throat became blue so people make “Bhang” (Thandai) on this day and offer to lord Shiva to keep cool through poison.

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