Maha Shivratri In India:

Maha Shivratri is one of the major and most celebrated festivals of India. It is a day which is dedicated to the lord Shiva. This day marks as a celebration of religious event of Hindu religion. This festival observed each of the year as on 4th day of Krishna Paksh of the month of Falgun according to Hindu calendar

in North regions of India while it observed as on 4th day of Krishna Paksh in the month of Magh according to Hindu calendar in the region of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. This is the time when devotee of supreme divine power lord Shiva observes fasts without taking water. It is the day which has a great importance for a Hindu Family.

There is a myth behind the celebration of Maha Shivaratri festival of Hindu religion in India. Once upon a time during the churning of ocean (Samundra Manthan) between demons and devas there emerged a pot of terrific poison. If this poison would found by the demon than they can destroyed the entire universe.

To avoid this incident all of the Devas went to lord Shiva and requested to survive the world to destroy. Than lord Shiva take this terrific poison but he kept this poision in his throat. This process turn his throat with blue color so the lord Shiva also known as a name of ‘Nilkanth’. This is the day of Maha Shivrati to celebrate in dedication of lord Shiva to survive the whole world.

  • Maha Shivratri In Year 2012 : 20 Feb

Maha Shivratri celebrated each of the years according to Hindu calendar and varies in English Calendar and it will be come in year of 2012 as on Thursday, 20 of February.

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