Pitr Paksha or Shraddh:

Mahalaya paksha is the 16 days period of month ashwin of Hindus calendar and also known as shraddh. This period is also called as pitr paksha. In this time old rituals are performed to worship the soul of past away elder family members.

Shraad and tarpan is performed by son or brother of past away elders to let them to get moksha or salvation. Pandit are invited to perform these rituals in a proper way. They arrange and complete the rituals and tarpan in the best way up to their knowledge.


Shraad and tarpan is performed once in the year to get blessings of past away elders for happiness and calmness in their family. Shraad can be performed at any clean and calm place but doing this at holy place gives result immediately. Holy places like Ujjain, Haridwar and Badrinath are the best places to do these activities. Many people offer shraddh and tarpan etc. at these places for better and proper completion. People also donate food and money to poor people.

Person who sits in the pooja or tarpan take holy bath and keep fast until activities of shraad are not gone completed. After completion of shraad and tarpan food used in pooja are served to cow, dog and crows. many people prepare the favorite food of past away person to remember them. after completion of tarpan new clothes and dakshina are offered to pandit or Brahmins with part of food as prasad. after that Family members take food as prasad.

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