Maharashtra Diwas or Maharashtra Day is the day when the state comes in seen as statehood as on 1st of May 1960. This is the day when the state of Bombay divided into two parts as states. After breaking, two states established with their own government rule named Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The region of Bombay was retained by Maharashtra which changed as the name of Mumbai. Both of the states divided on the basis of religion and languages of Gujarati and Marathi. Maharashtra Day is a celebration of Government of Maharashtra to evaluate the current stage of this state from the pasts of the state. It is the time to aware new young guys about culture and traditions of the state. This is the time of joys and happy moments. They take this day as an inspiration to grow than today. Maharashtra is a big state of India and a state of huge amount of population so it has to develop with two major points of those.

Maharashtra Day In 2014 : 1st May 2014

Maharashtra Diwas or Maharashtra Day is the sign of the great historical history of this story. It is the time to celebrate this day by making new thoughts for development and time to think about remove the bad things of crime in the states.

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