Valmiki Jayanti is a famous day of celebration in India. it is a birth day celebration of a great and popular poet of India named Maharshi Valmiki. Valmiki was one of the most famous and well known religious poets of Indian history. There is a saying he wrote the first Sloka or first poet of history of India. Valmiki Jayanti falls during the time of full moon day of Ashwin month of Hindu calendar each of year. Valmiki Jayanti is a dedication to this great poet of India.

Actually Maharshi Valmiki had become a great poet of history of India by writing a great epic of Hindu religion which is known as the name of Ramayana. Maharshi Valmiki wrote this great epic Ramayana which is a story of Lord Ram who battle against demon Rawan for truth and for remove darkness from earth. Rawan was kidnapped lord Rama’s wife Sita and to make free out her wife from demon Rawan lord Rama arranged a battle against him and won this war.

Valmiki Jayanti is a day which gives us a chance to remember this ritual personality of Hindu religion who wrote this great holy book of history. This day people observe fast and engage themselves with various ritual acts and responsibilities of society.

Valmiki Jayanti In Year 2013: 18th October

Valmiki Jayanti celebrated each of year.  it will also be celebrate with same of enthusiasm and joyous as like past years of celebrations. Valmiki Jayanti is a dedication to Maharshi Valmiki the author of Ramayana.

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  1. Dr.A.Goli
    October 13th, 2013 | 1:26 pm

    Valmiki Jayanti Greetings to all. Our Government of Andhra Pradesh declared Valmiki Jayanti as holiday and Celebrations were officially announced for a week days from 18th Oct. to 25th Oct. These celebrations will be organized by Governmental departments in a befitting manner. Let all of us celebrate by reading,listening and chanting Ramayana and by doing puja to Valmiki.

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