Maharshi Dadhichi Jayanti:

Maharshi Dadhichi

Maharshi Dadhichi

Maharshi Dadhichi was the one of the great sage of the country of India. He was the great devotee of lord Shiva and also was the disciple of the sage Angira. Dadhichi Jayanti is the celebration of the birth day of this great sage of this religious country of India. It is believed that Maharshi Dadhichi had born as on the eight day of Shukla Paksh of Bhadrapad month of Hindu calendar.

There is a great myth behind this great sage of India. Once upon a time there was Devas (minor lords) in a war against the demons getting defeat than they advised to make a universal weapon by the help of bones of Maharshi Dadhichi. All of the Devas went to Maharshi Dadhichi and requested to help them.

Though, Maharshi was the humble sage so he left his soul from his body for the help of Devas to destroy the demons by the especial weapon of bones. Dadhichi Jayanti is the day which is famous in the country to remember great sacrifice of this great sage of Hindu religion. People celebrated this day as the holistic day in the country. They performed various ritual acts on that day.

Dadhichi Jayanti In Year 2013: 13 September

Dadhichi Jayanti is a festival in India and it is celebrated each of the years in the country with the great pleasure and the enthusiasm.

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