Shivratri nights are come in each of the month but Mahashivratri is the major festival of lord Shiva which is celebrated once in a whole year. Mahashivratri is the night of lord Shiva and one of the most favorable days dedicated to Lord Shiva. The day of Mahashivratri is for affection and worship to lord Shiva.

Mahashivratri Fast or Vrat:

Maha shivratri is the day when prayers and adoration are specified more significance. There is an easy process to perform Shivratri Puja. Always keep in mind that the source of Shivratri is traced to a hunter who was an disciple of lord Shiva and in a dangerous situation he unknowingly bathe a Shiva lingam with his tears and unknowingly offered Bilva leaves.

This day had become famous by this hunter. He started first as the fasting and worshipping day of Mahashivratri in his re birth as King Chitrabhanu of Jamudvipa. People observe a fast on this day to make deity lord Shiva Happy for their batter fortune and life.

People keeps fast for full 24 hours but if you are not able to attempt this hard fast then you can take vegetables or fruits on the day.

But if you are in the process of medical treatment then you have not to attempt this fast without taking of advice from your doctor. you can keep fast on Mahashivratri as on 2nd of March.

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