Mahashivratri Festival is one of the most famous or popular celebration of India. It is the day which is observes on the 13th or 14th day of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month of Hindu calendar. This is the festival observes to celebrate the birth day of lord Shiva in the country of India. Mahashivratri is the grand night or worshipping of lord Shiva for ritual and religious purpose.

Mahashivratri Festival In India:

On the night of Mahashivratri all of the temples of lord Shiva adornment by the devotee of the lord Shiva. Whole of the night people engages with various type of ritual acts like meditation, practices of lord Shiva, singing of devotional songs of lord Shiva, worshiping lord Shiva with offering them bael leaves. They also are offering milk to the Lingama of lord shiva. On this festival people observes a ritual hard fast to make the deity happy.

Delicious foods are prepared on the time of this festival to make this celebration something especial. Some of the variety of foods is especially prepare for the fasting people and some of for everybody. This is the festival which is marks to get blessing of lord Shiva.

There is also a beautiful myth behind the celebration of Mahashivratri. It is the story of king Chitrabhanu of Jamudvipa. He was started to celebrate the day as the fasting and worshipping day of lord shiva. It is the story which is related to his past birth story about a hunting night in a forest.

There he was worshipped lord Shiva without his knowing about the activities done by him this gives his some of good results when he was dieing.

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