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Mahashivratri is one of the most auspicious festivals of India. It is the festival of worshiping lord Shiva in the whole country. It is the festival celebrated each of the years on the 13th night/ 14th day of Krishna Paksha of the month of Maagha according to Hindu calendar.

On that day people offering bael leaves to lord Shiva for making happy. There is also myth about this festival that is on this day lord Shiva arose from his ‘Dhyan’ after a long time period.

Mahashivratri is the most famous festival of India so there is much of the fabulous creation of songs about this festival in the country. Those all of the songs are created to worship lord Shiva for auspicious purpose. Mahashivratri is one of the greatest occasions to watch and enjoy the day with its ritual and religious acts. here some of Mahashivratri Songs names follows.

1)Aai-Aai Mahashivratri

Singers: Pandit Ram Avtar Sharma

Album: Shiv Mere Man Mein


2)Shivratri Aai Bhakton

Singers: Gautam Kole

Album: Mera Rom Rom Shankar Bole


3)Subaha Subaha Le Shiv Ka Naam

Album: Shiva Mahima


4)Om Nama Shivaya

Singers: Bhanumati Narsimhan, Urmila Devi Goenka, Craig Pruess

Album: Sacred Chants of Shiva

here is a beautiful Video of a Mahashivratri song to listen and watch:

Video of Mahashivratri Song:

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