Mahaveer Jayanti or Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti is the most important festival according to the Jainism faith. Mahaveer Jayanti is celebrated in march/April every year because on this day lord Mahavira swami was born, Who was the founder of Jain religion. On this day many people goes to visit temple and worship the tirthankars and their religious gurus like mahapragji, acharya bhikshu, swasti sri charukeerthi bhattaraka swamiji, acharya 108 Sri vardhamansagarji muni maharaj and other guru’s etc. Mahavir jayanti is also celebrated in different cities, towns and villages of India.

On this day of mahaveer jyanti many people goes to visit to the most famous temple in the world like Parshwnath temple in Calcutta, Girnar, palitana in Gujarat and pawapuri in bihar. The last Jain tirthankar Mahavira swami was born in 599 BC according Swetambaras Jainism and according to the Digamber jainsim he was born in 615 BC. Mahavir swami was the son of the sidharth and trisala. Sidharth was the king of the kundalpur and queen trishala was also known by the priyakarni.

The Jain tirthankar Mahavira swami was a prince of the kundalpura. Mahavir swami left their parents, relatives, friends and money. Mahavir swami was distributing all his wealth in the poor and needy people, Mahavir swami went to the jungle for a long time and became a monk. Mahavir gave up food in last many days including fasts also. The nature of the mahavir swam was very pure and simple. Mahavira’s life was very simple, truthfulness and a life of fully honesty.

Mahavir swami said that people can save their souls by living a life of extreme asceticism and by practising non-violence towards all living creatures. The main sects of the jains are the digambaras and shvetambaras, with the after again divided into sthanakvasis and deravasis. the Sthanakvasis emphasise the internalisation of the faith but the Deravasis visit the temples and worship the statue of Mahavir.

On the day of Mahavir Jayanthi many members of the Jain community make offerings of milk, rice, fruit, incense, lamps and water to the tirthankars. On the day of Mahavira jayanthi many members of the community organize different type of parties and programme.

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