Mahesh Navami is the day which is dedicated to worship lord Shiva. Mahesh Navami celebrated each of the years on the 9th day of Shukla Paksha of the Jyeshtha month of Hindu calendar. Mahesh Navami Is the day which is celebrated mostly by the

Hindu God Shiva

Hindu God Shiva

business community Maheshwari in India. This is the day which is most famous among this Maheshwari community which is the beginning of this community.

There is a myth about the celebration of Mahesh Navami in our country. Once upon a time in a forest near the region of Jaipur, Rajasthan some of the hunters done bad acts against some of the sages than they sages got anger and cursed them to turn into stones.

But there wife of hunters prayed to lord Shiva to refuse the cruse of those sage to save their husband. Lord Shiva taken a promise from those women that those hunters will not be hunting in future than those women agreed with lord Shiva. Lord Shiva turned those hunters in there real form.

Maheshwari community started to do business and started the day as a celebration day of their society. On that time they performed various ritual activities with religious feelings.

Mahesh Navami in Year 2014 :

Mahesh Navami is celebrated each of the years by Maheshwari community in India and in this year it will also celebrated by them with lots of love. They celebrated this day as an especial day of their life.

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