Manipur is a famous place in all around India as a location of religious dances. Manipuri dance is one of six most liked classical dances of India. Manipuri dance is not only for enjoyment but also it is an enlightenment of ritual activities of this state.

By watching dances of here we can imagine divine power working behind Manipuri culture. Manipuri dances are not some movement of body but it is a trend of cultural purity and entertainment.

Maibi Dance:

There are so many tribal living in Manipur and each tribal has its own culture concerning to their spiritual thoughts. These tribal have own unique classical dances types. Maibi dance is one of them.

Maibi people represented their ritual forms with the Maibi dance steps. This dance culture is a momentous part of Maibi culture. In the beginning of Maibi dance dancers correspond to themselves as a creation of house or temple. Than steps of this dance follows the ritual culture of Maibi people. When dancer performed dance steps it looks so beautiful and gorgeous with the movement of body. It is a group dance so this needs good combination of dancer with the rhythm of music.

We can watch Maibi dance culture during the festival of Lai Haraoba. It is a most famous central festival of Meiteis. Meiteis is a tribal of beautiful basin place of Manipur. Maibi people represent their life style throughout this dance culture.

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