Makar Sankranti is the harvest festival celebrated in a various parts of India. This festival celebrated every 14th January every year. This is considered that most auspicious day when sun begins its northward journey and enters the sign of zodiac of maker(tropic of Capricorn) from the tropic of cancer infect from dakshinayana to uttarayana. In this season farmers bring home their harvest.

Makar Sankranti Festival Celebration 2012 :

Makar Snkranti festival celebrated with great enthusiasm. Early morning many people take holy dip in the river and worship to rising sun(sunrise). it is said that there is much importance to take dip in the holy river then give much donation. It is said that also we should have donate of rice, corn and clothes to the poor and needy people on this auspicious day.

On this day women prepare their home a special dish called till papdi or laddoos made of sesame seed with sugar and it is so delicious sweetmeat. On this day there is a tradition of kite flying. Many people much like to fly kite on roof and open ground with great zeal. They take much entertainment on this day of maker sankranti

In Rajasthan specially in Mewar there is a tradition to make a dish of Kheech. It contains wheat and milk. Mewari People specially like eat this dish on this day and It is really delicious. Many of people offer sesame seeds to Brahmans because it is said that this donation makes people well-to-do.

In north India there is much importance of bath and take dip in holy river like Ganaga, Yamuna and prayag. Thousands of holy people(sadhu) take a dip with great devotion in the early morning and worship to sunrise. They offer pooja and many oblation to the god.

Many people specially goes to temple of lord shiva in the evening and lighting lamps of sesame oil in a temple of Lord Shiva.

In India south Indian people celebrated this festival as Pongal. The festival name from the swelling of rice boiled in a pot of milk. It is very popular specially amongst farmers. On this sacred day people specially take dip in river and worship the sun. it is a very special festival for the south Indians. people call makar sankranti as pedda panduga in many south areas like Tamil and Andhra Pradesh. The festival events is celebrated for four days. The first day is called bhogi’ the second day

sankranti the third day kanuma and the fourth day mukkanuma.

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    I,m a 14 years boy and where shall I find kites

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    January 15th, 2010 | 1:11 am

    Excellent content and effort in educating other. However, the article requires proof reading / edition for grammar / sentence formation. But do not taking these initiative in future due to this short coming.

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