Makar Sankranti is the day of fun with flying kites. makar sankranti festival is celebrated as the Kite Flying Day of India. People celebrates this festival with colorful kite flying. we can watch the colourful sky on the day of makar sankranti because of many peoples enjoys this day with different small and big kites fly. people enjoys the colorful kite flying on this day.

The clear blue sky seems so attractive and the people surrender themselves to the joy of kite flying. the sky since morning to evening remains dotted with vivid splashes of colour as kites in a variety of different shapes and size.
The sky gets full of colorful kites, which got height in the air and at the evening kites carry candle lamps. some people decorate kites very well and then fly. on the day of Makar Sankranti the kites looks like many stars in the night.

The people of all over India can celebrates Makar Sankranti with flying kites, not only Indian but also foreigners come in India and they can fly exotic kites of various designs & shapes.

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    January 14th, 2010 | 10:48 am

    Ek Til Rusla Fugla, Radta Radta gulacha Paakat Padla, khudkan hasla, Hatavar yetach Bolu Lagla… TILGUL GHYA GOD GOD BOLA… HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI.


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