Making Diwali Cards at Home :

Diwali is an occasion of lights and beautiful celebration of victory of righteousness over evil. At the time of diwali give blessing to each other by Diwali cards. and ceremony of diwali may be enjoy with love and trust by help of Diwali cards. Diwali Cards are a way to maintain relations among people.

In today’s market there are many types of branded diwali cards are available to touch someone’s heart. Creating or Manufacturing of diwali cards is done by many branded companies at this time. We can also make a diwali greeting card at our home with simple things which are available in our homes. This home made card can give full happiness to those whom u send it, it is guaranteed.

There is a simple and easy process of making Diwali Cards is as follows :-

Material Required:

Pencil, photographs, heavy paper, scissor, glue stick, fabric scraps and some envelops.

Here is the Process to make cards:

  • To prepare diwali cards first of all cut squares of colorful heavy paper into some small pieces than store them each type of colorful paper’s section.
  • Now fold a construction paper in 9 Inch by 12 Inch sheets than design a diwali image or picture in front of main upper paper and now use color paper to design in various styles.
  • We can make it according to our imagination and requirement. But we have to maintain it according to our friends or relative’s nature.
  • Color it with sketch pens and pack it in a beautiful envelope. At last do not forget to send it to your loved one.

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