About Manipur, India:

Manipur is a beautiful place located on north east of India. Manipur is a very famous state with its folk dance, songs and cultural treasures in India. Manipur’s 67% geographic area is covered by forests, so we can imagine the cultural activities in Manipur.

Manipur is the place which spread out with various colors and beautiful natural hills, rivers, clouds, ponds, trees and flowers etc.

Sangai Festival of Manipur:

Government of Manipur every year organized Manipur Sangai Festival sponsored by the tourism department of Manipur government. This festival is a promoter of arts and cultural activates, adventure, sports and natural beauty of Manipur.

This festival being a very special part of Manipur because it creates new human relation among the people and it is also a way to express Manipur itself in front of world. In this festival not only Indian state participates but foreign troupes also participate for various games and cultural activities.

Manipuri Sangai Festival In Year 2011:

Manipur Sangai Festival – 2011 will be more trendy and charming in large scale. In this festival various state of India and various foreign countries would participate. This festival will be held for 10 days. During the time of this festival the place is being decorated with colors and flowers. Manipur Sangai Festival is showcasing of arts and culture, handicrafts, handloom and extreme bicycles with various adventure. In this festival various local sports would also participate like, Yubi Lakpi, Arambai, Kang, Mukna Kangjei and Sagol Kangjei etc. This festival will also consider parasailing, polo and tracking.

This festival is also famous for its folk dances like Khamba Thoibi, Pung Cholam, Maibi Dance, Nupa Pala and Raas Leela. In Manipur it is difficult to find a girl who can not dance or sing. We can just imagine the quality of cultural activities in Manipur in season of sangai festival.

Khamba Thoibi is a dance of male and female, khamba represents as a hero and thoibi as a heroin. Khamba and Thoibi dance in front of lord Thangjing to make him happy. Where as Pung Cholom is also known as soul of Manipur. All dancer moves together with intricate rhythm and with cross rhythm. Maibi dance is a group dance. In maibi dance women dance with equal rhythm where as Nupa Pala is a group dance of male dancer, in which they move with the rhythm of drums. It is a very soft dance.

In this Manipur Sangai Festival Raas Leela will be major part of all activities. Raas Leela showed love of the Lord Krishna with Gopi’s. It is not only a drama it is a presentation of feelings of Lord Krishna with all the Gopi. At the time of presentation actors of Raas Leela makes it so touchable by

their acting as like real drama.

This festival is not only famous for cultural and beautiful activities but also it is famous for delicious food for visitors. People of Manipur make visitors so happy by their service and quality.

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