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Maun Ekadash or the Maun Ekadashi of Jain Community is a holy festival. Maun Ekadashi falls on the eleven day in the month of margshirsh. Maun Ekadash is a very important day because one fifty kalyanakas of the tirthankars of past, present and future have happened on this day. Maun Ekadash is a festival of celebrating kalyanakas of tirthankar, parmatmas and destroying the knowledge of covering Karmas.

some one has told that-

“Speech is silver but silence is gold”.

So maun ekadashmi is very important day according to the Jainism. Any work done by silence is not done by speaking this is the important things. on this day the about five kalyanakas are celebrated. The birth diksha and omniscience kalyanakas of Shri mallinath, the diksha kalyanaka of Shri Aranath and the omniscience kalyanaka of Shri Naminath had happened on this day. so this day some kalyanakas are celebrated. women prepare them self by wearing silver bangles, good collourfull saree and jewellery.

In past time a one gentleman named suvrat sheth had worshipped. On this day the below rites are done by the peoples.

A fast is observed in Paushadha with keeping silence. Kayotsarga of twelve Logassa are also done by the persons. Twelve Khamasanas are also done by the people and Twelve Swastikas and twenty Navakarvalis of the Jap Pad is also included in the Maun Ekadash.

According to the Jainism the daily worship is always fruitful and useful for the our soul, but the day of festival or Maun Ekadash is a very special day of maun and worshipping and there is always an ancient event joined with the day. The Maun Ekadash has some special kind of rites that can increase merits for future. on this day more penance, more maun, more worship and more religious activities are done on the day of Maun Ekadash. In this way our soul can create or bind the ‘ayushya karma’

 of the next births in future. So this festival of Maun Ekadash is very important according to the Jainism.

on the day of Maun Ekadashmi many people wants to observed the maun and fast. Some people can not observed the maun so they only observe the fast. According to Jainism faith, any person, who does all the rites shown in the Jain Philosophy, whose people can get the really happiness of moksha as a Suvrat Sheth.

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