May Day aka Labour Day:

Labour Day is a day of workers or labors which gives a tribute to every man and woman workers for their tough

Chai wala at Village

A Chai wala at Village

works in vast areas. Both United states and Canada countries celebrates the labour day as a national holiday, since 1894. A credit for the labour day is goes to Peter J. McGuire, a founder of American Federation Of Labour. Labour Day is also called a ‘May day’.

In the year of 1885 and 1886 the labour day legislation had came through municipal ordinance. In present, labour day is celebrated on September 05 in all over the world. Many countries celebrates the labour day as a Public holiday.

Workers have a lot of fun and enjoyment on the labour day. On the labour day they have used to goes for picnic with their families.

For some people, labour day is a day of relax or rest. Many workers or labors like to celebrate the labour day by

doing some other activities like watching movie and playing with their children. On the labour day people must be determine to do something new and different.

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