Lyrics of Meera Bhajan (Guddo Mharo Sanwaro):

Guddo Mharo Sanwaro

Guddo Mharo Sanwaro

About Poet Meera of Rajasthan:

Meera was a princess born in village kurki near Merta, now presently in Nagaur district of Rajasthan. She was the daughter of Ratan Singh Rathore son of Rao Jodha the founder of Jodhpur.

Meera was a great poet and a great priest of Lord Krishna in our Indian history. She loved lord Krishna from her childhood. She got married early in the age with Prince Bhoj Raj the eldest son of Rana Sanga of chittorgarh.

After her husbands death she was purely engaged with bhajan of lord Krishna. His brother in law Vikramaditya tried to give her poison but this was the magic of Krishna who saved her life.

She was a greatest saint of Indian history who was anytime engage in the worship of lord Krishna. She had spent her last time in Dwarika (Gujarat). Meera was the greatest poet of our history because just of her dedication which was afar from the human thoughts.

Meera Bhajan :

This song is collected from Meera television serial

NDTV Imagine. This is a very soft and beautiful song symbolized the love of Meera to Lord Krishna in childhood. It is a so listening song which is purely loveable by our ears.

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  1. Monex
    January 28th, 2011 | 3:09 pm

    ….Meera – unconditional love……….The following arrived us from Puja ..our dear beloves sister from India and we are happy to share it with..everyone…………..Meera is the story of a young Rajput..princess whose love and devotion to Lord Krishna made her give up..everything and thus elevated her to the status of a saint. Legend that when young Meera was just four years of age she found be deeply drawn towards Lord Krishna. Despite being forced into marriage with another man.. Prince Bhoj Raj she defied the social norms and continued to worship..Lord Krishna as her lover.

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