Nagaland is one of the seven sister states of North-east India. It is a land known for its lush green landscapes and natural beauty. The Moatsu Mong at Nagaland is one of its main festivals. Moatsu basically means the fencing of the paddy, in which ‘Mo’ refers to paddy and ‘atsu’ refers to fence. The Ao tribe of Nagaland celebrates this festival every year on the month of May.

The purpose of this festival is to please the Gods for a better harvest.  The Moatsu Mong at Nagaland is a three day festival which starts from 1st-3rd of May. Several rituals are performed during this festival.

Moatsu Mong In Nagaland :

Moatsu Mong at Nagaland marks the end of sowing and provides the people with a time to celebrate and entertainment. This festival displays several dances and songs. The people can be seen in the mood of merry-making. One of the main events of this festival is the Sangpangtu in which a huge fire is lit. Many men and omen sit around this fire. During this festival competition are held such as who makes the best rice beer or who owns the best animals like cows, fowls, pigs, etc.

The Moatsu Mong at Nagaland is the perfect occasion for the Nagas to strengthen their friendship with neighboring tribes. For this purpose several delegates are invited from neighboring villages and exchange of gifts takes place between them. This is a fruitful effort in establishing peace and harmony among each other.

In this festival the righteous person of the village who is blessed by the grace of almighty predicts the future of his village. This he does by reading the Moatsu festival celebration. Men and women in this festival can be seen dressed in their best clothing. The womenfolk of the tribe serve meat and wine.

Those who want to explore or study the culture and tradition of Nagaland should definitely come and witness Moatsu Mong at Nagaland. This festival of Nagaland will turn out to be a truly unique experience for you.

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