Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the popular states that is home to most of the Buddhist monks and monasteries. This is why Ladakh has various monastic festival celebrated by the monks who celebrate all the festivals with all the rituals and enthusiasm. These festivals are celebrated with great zeal, with colorful parades and a dance dramatization which are performed by the monks.

Some of the Monastic Festivals of Ladakh:

Dosmochey is celebrated in the monasteries. This is a two day festival where the monks do chams. This is celebrated in the beginning and the end of the new year of Tibet. The monasteries prepare offerings with thread crosses, which help in binding the evils and ghosts and any natural disaster that can happen in the coming year. This is a festival celebrated for the happiness and success of the people. A procession by the monks is held in the streets.

Stok Guru Tsechu is celebrated by the Spituk and Stock monks, in the month of February for two days, the special feature of which is the masks dance the monks perform wearing beautiful colourful silk gowns and different types of face masks.

Matho Nagrang is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of Tibet’s calendar. The monks celebrate this festival by wearing masks and bright brocade robes, and the atmosphere is very lively and vibrant.

Phyang Tsedup is one of the popular monastic festivals of Ladakh where the highlight is the mask dance by the monks. Also the huge thanka of Skyoba Giksten Gonbo is put up for display in the patio of the monastery.

Yuru Kabgyat is celebrated in Lamayuru monastery in the month of July. Rituals are performed for the well being and happiness and prosperity of the people of Ladakh followed by the popular mask dance by the monks.

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