Muharram is one of the most auspicious months or days in religion of Islam. Muharram is a first month of Islamic calendar. This is the month which is known as the month of forbidden act by people from Islam. This is a ritual month in Islam as like a month of Ramadan. The word Muharram is created from a word ‘Haram’ it means forbidden. This is the month which is strictly restricted for fighting or unwilling things. This is the month of love and humanity in Islam religion.

During this month of Muharram some of people also observe ritual fast as like Ramadan month’s fast days. They also perform various ritual acts during this time of Muharram. Tenth day of this month of Muharram is known as the day of Yaumu-l ‘Ashurah and according to Shia Muslim communities it is known as ‘the day of grief’. This is an important day for Islam. It is a sign of Victory of Good over Evils. During this tenth day of Muharram most of the people from Islam observe a strict fast for whole day.

Muharram In Year 2012: Will Start from 24 November

Muharram is a most religious and pure month for praying or worshipping to Allah as like a holy month of Ramadan. During this month people from Islam engages with forbidden acts. They celebrate this whole month of Muharram with great passion for fasting days and they organize various ritual programs too during that time. In year 2012 Muharram will start form the date 24 November and will continue for next 29 days in 2012.

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