Mumbai Marathon is a greatest international race event. This famous Mumbai Marathon (Race) started first in year 2004 and held annually in month of January every year.

Mumbai Marathon :

There are some categories in this Mumbai Marathon. First is full marathon that is 42.19 Kilometers long, second is half marathon that is 21.09 Kilometers long, third Dream Run that is 6 Kilometers long, fourth Senior citizens run that is 4.3 Kilometer long and last fifth wheelchair race that is 2.5 Kilometers long.

This is an event sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank. Mumbai Marathon is the greatest race on the earth in which you can get prize money of fastest runner. Prize Money for the fastest runner’s men and women $35,000 each in full Marathon. Many awards, medals and certificates are also given to people at this Mumbai Marathon Race.

Many people join this event with full enthusiasm and not only Indians but also people from various countries join this Mumbai Marathon with great zeal. This Mumbai Marathon has become a great festival of India and it is exhibits Indian people strength. Many famous actors actresses and well known persons also join this race to increase people’s zeal.

During this marathon race many stations in route on pavements to help to give biscuits, water, and liquid to runners and for runners just get that extra push to make it to the finish line. Many people join this race especially many company employees also join this race with a similar dress code. They look very nice when they running together.

Some TV and news channels show the live telecast of this Mumbai Marathon. A very best channel is Doordarshan which also shows live coverage. Many News channels broadcast news and show shots about it. People who

join this race feel better to contribute in to Mumbai Marathon.

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