Bakra eid is one of the most famous festival of Muslim people. Muslims celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Bakra Id is celebrated from the tenth to the twelfth day in the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah. This festival is known for sacrifice and is also known as “festival of sacrifice because ALMIGHTY ALLAH to sacrifice for his son Ismail near MECCA.

BakraId Id is marked by the slaughter of animals as sacrificial offerings, after which the meat is distributed among the needy and deprived. It is said that according to the customs, meat has to be divided into three equal parts and it will be sharing between family, friends and neighbors and deprived people. Muslims visit houses of their near and dear ones on this festival to celebrate the festival.

Delicious food and desserts are cooked and served on this festival to people who visit to Muslims family. Festivities mark the first day, when people wear new clothes, offer prayers at the mosque, and greet friends and relatives. All Muslims people make this festival with full of joy and happiness.

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