Nag Panchami is a very popular festival of India. Nag panchami celebrates on fifth day in the month of Shravan (Sawan) annually. Generally this festival celebrates in month of July-August annually.

On this auspicious day people worship the snakes (Nag Devta). Many people offer milk, silver and food to Nag Devta to protect them bad things and evils and bless prosperity.

Nag Panchami Festival In India:

Nag Panchami is a festival of snakes it is only celebrated by indian people to pay respect to Nag devta. Many people observe fast on this auspicious day. They visit to temples specially dedicated to snakes and temple of Lord Shiva. Serve to snake of lord shiva that is made around shiv linga. They serve and offer milk. After pooja they pray for good health and wealth for them and their family.

Nag panchmi is a ancient tradition of India which is celebrating from many years ago. Many ancient stories display sacred Nag Devta. Main reason to celebrate this Nag panchmi festival day is to get protection from snake bite because during rainy season there are maximum chances of snake bite for farmers so people celebrate this to offer milk and keep happy to Nag Devta (snake god).

Many people specially visit to village and forest where snakes live like bambees (Hole) to offer milk in front of bambi and

pray for their long live. South Indian people sets images of nag devta and worship them with faith.

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