Naina Devi Fair is a famous fair of India during the time around August or September. This is the famous fair organizes a beautiful place of Nainital. Naina Devi is a form of goddess Parvati the wife of lord Shiva also known as the name of Sati.

There is a temple of Naina Devi on the top of a hill of Nainital named Naina hill. There is a myth behind this beautiful place about goddess Sati or Parvati. During the time period of August or September there organizes a large fair to celebrate the importance of this goddess Naina.

The Murti of Naina has both of two eyes with the color of blue. There is a beautiful lake too which is called as the name of Naina lake. There is a saying about this lake this is the two blue eyes of goddess Naina. During the time of fair this lake toured by thousands of people apart from the country for religious purpose.

During the time of fair people of this place adorn their houses and shops to make ready for the fair. In this fair much of the things we can watch and see. In this Naina Devi Fair also folk cultural programs organizes. People perform folk dances and folk music too. This is the eight days fair and all of the nights of those eight days celebrated with joys and delightful feelings for religious thoughts of this place.

Naina Devi Fair in Year 2012 : 

Mela of Chaitra Navratri –

Mela of Shravan Navratri –

Mela of Aswin Navratri –

This is a time when we can watch the beauty of this temple of goddess Naina or Sati.

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