Nalanda is one of the six famous places of Buddha dharma, It is said that Siddharth visited here many times and gave teachings to his disciples. The place is having many remaining s associated with Buddha.

The world famous university of India is also situated here named:”University of Nalanda”. It is a famous residential university having around 1500 teachers.

Historical Importance of Nalanda:

Once in a while when Buddha visited here he met with a person named Kassapa, sother is a statue here known as” statue of Kassapa”. Nalanda university was one of the oldest universities of India as well as world. One of the famous disciple of Buddha bon here and became a famous teacher here. It is said that monks and bhikshus who were the disciples of Buddha are recommended to get teachings and learning from this place. Even lord Buddha visited this universities several times.

Famous visiting places of Nalanda:

  • Nalanda University .
  • The Nalanda Archaeological Museum
  • Nava Nalanda Mahavihara
  • Silao
  • Surajpur Baragaon

How to Reach Nalanda:

By Air –

Nearest airport to Nalanda is Patna Airport and Patna is situated 93 km away from Nalanda city.

By Rail –

Bakhtiyarpur located on Howrah line is the nearest railway station to nalanda, this is 38 km away from Nalanda.

By Road –

Patna, Rajgir, Gaya as well as Delhi and Calcutta are also is connected to this famous place Nalanda by Road.

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