Shri Narad was a great sage of Hindu religion. Narad was a Manas Putra of Lord Brahma. He had born in the month of Vaishakhi month of Hindu calendar. Shri Narad Jayanti is the celebration of this great sage of the history of Hindu religion. Shri Narad was the possessor of the good or devotional things, he keep visiting from place to place and person to person. Narad Muni was also a grate speaker. there are many stories related narad muni are famous in Hindu people.

Dhruv the Guru of Bhakt Prahlad had got Darshan of lord Vishnu through the guidance of Shri Narad. The sage Narad was a one of the most priest of Narayana (lord Vishnu). He always spread out the ritual thoughts of lord Vishnu among the bodies living in all three worlds. He was no effect of any bad things of a human body like fear, greedy, anger, desire etc. Shri Narad Jayanti is observing in south calendar as on Vaishakha bahula Padyami.

Narad Muni was the sage who mentioned in most of the religious Purans of Hindu Dharma and he is especially mentioned in Bhagwat- Gita. Shri Narad Jayanti in India is celebrating with a great joy and fabulous type of activities among the society according to religion. This is the day when people worship the Narad Muni.

Narad Jayanti in Year 2012 :

As like each of the year Shri Narad Jayanti in India will be celebrate with great devotion. It is the celebration which has an importance for the religious people of Hindu religion.

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