Narsingh Jayanti is a celebration of birth of lord Narsingh. Narsingh was an incarnation of lord Vishnu who had born from a pillar to kill a demon the Hirankashyap to save his son Bhakt Prahlad. Narsingh Jayanti is celebrated as on fourth day of Sukla Paksh of the month of Vaishakhi according to Hindu calendar. It is the day of birth of lord Narsingh to save the life of a child named Bhakt Prahlad who was the great priest of lord Vishnu. India is a ritual country so Narsingh Jayanti has a great influence on the mind of ritual people.

Narsingh Jayanti is celebrated in all over the India by the Hindu religion. It is a celebration of victory of righteousness over evils. During this festival people engaged in various religious acts. They performed charity and donations for needy people. On that day people observes fasts and take a ritual bath according to rules of religion. Ritual fast is a most important part of this day.

Narsingh Jayanti in Year 2012 : 4 May

Bhakt Prahlad is one of the most effective and most ritualistic disciples of lord Vishnu so that day has an importance fro Indian family. Narsingh Jayanti celebrated each of the years in India and in year 2012 it will be held on 4 May.

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