National Science Day is one of the major celebrations of New India. It is the celebration which is commemorate about a great scientist of India Prof. C.V. Raman. This day is always celebrated as on 28th of February by the various scientific institutions of India. National Council for Science & Technology Communication, the ministry of Science and Technology of India organizes various programs on that day. CV Raman was one of the best physicists of India.

National Science Day which is also known as the name of Rashtriya Vigyan Diwas is celebrations on that day the great scientist of India invent a new discover of world the Raman effects. This achievement he got when he was working in a lob laboratory of an Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. This institution was at Kolatta.

This was the date of 28th of February. For this most valuable invention he got a Noble Prize and this was the first Noble Prize of India before ever no Indian got this most famous World Prize. National Science Day is one of the major ways to evaluate talent of new scientist of the country. This is the day on which schools and collages are also organizes various scientific activities to motivate students for their science invention for the world.

National Science Day in 2012: 28th February

As like of each of the previous years it will be celebrate as on 28th of February

in year 2012. It will be the time to inspire new young guys for new scientific invention for human beings and for world society.

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