According to our Indian mythology Durga is a form of goddess mother which we can say Devi. She is the goddess of peace and safety of human beings. She is a divine power who protects the mankind. She is the destroyer of bad evils. In past she killed the demon Mahishasur to remove his evil activities from the earth. She is a goddess of prosperity and good.

Some people say that she is the wife of lord Shiva. She obtained a chakra of lord Vishnu and a trishul of lord Shiva. Nav Durga Raksha Mantra is a weapon to remove the obstacles or evils which are not good for our life. This mantra can avoid evils form our life. A person who uses this mantra feels so batter to fight with evils. here is lyrics of Nav Durga Raksha Mantra as following.

Lyric of Nav Durga Raksha Mantra:

nav durga raksha mantra

nav durga raksha mantra


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