Navaratri Festival In Year 2011:

It is said that India is a festivals country. In India many festivals are celebrated. Navaratri festival is a one of the most significant and holy festival of Hindu religion.

Literally meanings of navaratri is a ‘Nav’ means ‘nine’ and ‘Ratri’ means ‘nights’. It is a festival of devotion and dance. On this occasion the nine form of goddess durga are worshipped. Every night different form of goddess is worshipped. Basically in a year, navaratri festival is celebrated on five times. They are given in the below-

1). Vasanta Navaratri –

Vasant navaratri is observed in the spring season. It is called ‘Chaitra Navaratri’. Vasant navaratri festival is also known as a “Raama Navaratri”.

2). Gupta Navaratri-

Gupta navaratri festival is comes in an Ashadha month. It is also known as a ‘Gayatri’ Or ‘Shakambhari Navratra.

3). Sharana Navaratri –

It is known as a ‘The Great Navaratri’ or ‘Sharad navaratri’. It observe in Ashvina month.

4). Poushya Navaratri –

Poushya navaratri is celebrated in a Poush month. It is devoted to nine forms of Shakti.

5). Magha Navaratri –

Magha navaratri is celebrated in the Magha month.

Navaratri Festival In year 2011:

  • Date of Navaratri festival is : 28 September 2011.

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    Thanks for informative article on various types of Navaratri .

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