Navgraha Temples In India:

Navgraha temples are the symbol of nine planate of universe. In Indian astrology there are nine bhagwan (form of lords) which represents nine planate of universe. According to Hindu mythology all of nine planate affect a person life from his birth till his death. The movement and direction of planet  affect a person’s living style, his fortune, his progress and other elements of life.

There are nine temples in Tamil Nadu which represents all of those nine planate as form of lords. Those all nine temples are radius around 65km area at Kumbakonam. According to Indian horoscope those nine temple decide a person’s work or career in life, it affect a person’s marriage and life partner, it also affect a person’s other situation of life. How a person will affect from those nine planet? It depends when a child born in a particular situation of those nine planet. Through those nine planate a person can get solution about his difficulties of life too. There are Navgraha temples as following.

1) Surya Bhagwan (Sun) at Suriyanaar Kovil
2) Chandra Bhagwan (Moon) at Thingaloor
3) Angarakan/Mangala (Mars) at Vaitheeswarn Kovil
4) Budha bhagwan (Mercury) at Teruvangadu
5) Guru /Brahspati Bhagwan (Jupiter) Alangudi
6) Sukkra Bhagwan (Venus) Kanjanoor
7) Shani Bhagwan (Saturn) Tirunallaru
8) Rahu Bhagwan(Uranus) at Tirunageshwaram
9) Kethu Bhagwan (Neptune) at Keezhperumpallam

Those above are the nine temples and the places are also written where those located. All of those are in Tamil Nadu around in 65 km area at the place of Kumbakonam. Those are nine temple beautifully made by ancient artists. Those nine planate are worship on those nine temples by devotees. On festive occasion those temples also adorned beautifully.

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