Nine Day celebration of Navratra is the festival for worshiping Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is the Goddess of Power. So some people called Goddess Durga as “Shakti”. Goddess Durga Protects and Power up people who worship her till these nine days celebration. Navratra celebration is celebrated mainly twice in a year. One is called “Chetra–Navratra” and

Navratri Mata

Maa Amba

other is “Kartik–Navratra” in Hindu religion. First time it comes in summer period (March – April) and second time comes in Winter Period (September – October).

Navratra celebration is worshiping the nine incarnations of goddess Durga respectively. Each Incarnation of Goddess is worshiped since day 1 to 9. Celebration starts by bringing idol of Goddess Durga and establishing it at proper place like- On Stage, Center circle of any village or town or out side the temple of Goddess. Proper Security are arranged for that idol or Statue of Goddess.

Decoration with lights and paper are done inside and outsides of that place. Temple of Goddess Durga is also decorated for nine days. Proper Arrangement for Pooja and worship are done before the time of Starting Celebration. A “Deepak” (Small Pot of Clay) fill up with fresh “Ghee” Or Oil and lightened continuously from day one to nine.

On first day first manifestations of Goddess Durga “Devi Ambaji” is worshiped. Women wake up early in the morning. After taking holy bath they do “Gatsthapabna” (establishing a pot of Clay filling up with fresh water at the place of worship or pooja).

People goes to the temple of Goddess Durga, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Saraswati and worship there. Some of them Keep Fasting for nine days completely. By keeping fast and Worshiping Goddess Durga they get powered to Fight with the Disease and any kind of difficulties in life. At night grande level dance of “Dandiya” or ”Garba” (A traditional pattern of dance of Gujarat state) is organized for all nine days. People enjoys the dancing as single or couple as well.

Much more crowd could be seen at the famous temple of Goddess Durga and her incarnations. Vaishnou Devi (Jammu), Chamunda Devi (Jodhpur), Kalka Devi (Kolkata), Karani Mata (Bikaner) are some famous

temples where people goes for worshiping the Goddess.

  • Date of Famous Navaratra celebration beginning is: 25 Sep. 2014

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