The Navratri festival is a very well known and popular festival which can be celebrated across in India specially in Gujarat. Navratri festival is well known festival of India and is known as the day most sacred to Shakti Maa.

Navratri festival is comes twice a year, once in the month of march and than other in September. It is festival of nine nights, during which we worship goddess of Durga (Shakti). Shakti Maa is a goddess of wealth.

During the nights in Navaratri festival people arrange traditional Garba Dances in their streets and city ground. In the evening all members goes to watch & dance at the Mela or dance place.

On the occasion of Navaratri festival women cleans their home and then prepare for special pooja. some of women also make rangoli at home and temples. The home or temple can be decorated with many flowers and Lights. During the nine days of navaratri, people observe fast.

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