Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated for nine nights and ends on the day of Dusshera. It is an important festival during which the nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped. The Indian women keep fasts and the use of ginger and onions in eatables is prohibited.

Navratri Garba Ras and Disco Dandiya :

Various rituals of traditional dance and song are performed in different cities of India. Garba is a religious and social event that is world famous event of Gujarat. The festive mood of Garba continues for all nine days and is followed by disco Dandiya.

Navratri is an occasion for people to celebrate the festive season and Garba Ras and Dandiya are the major attraction of it. People wear colorful clothes and use colorful sticks for playing Garba and Dandiya. Garba is an event for women and they wear colorful embroidered traditional ghagra, choli during the occasion, whereas Dandiya is performed by both women and men.

The men wear Kedias for the occasion. Garba is basically a western folk dance and is meant exclusive for women but many a times men also participate in Garba. Dandiya Ras is an important Ras of Garba and is the most exciting part of the festival. People from all over India celebrate Garba and Dandiya after aarti of goddess Durga.

The Dandiya sticks are made of Bamboo and performers turn around in huge numbers and play Dandiya in circular pattern. The dancers usually perform as a group and partners hit their sticks together and dance in circular motion. A drummer and an instrumentalist also play an important role during the Dandiya and walk with the dancers. The Garba dance is an active event and requires a lot of energy for performance. The Garba Ras and the Dandiya are an astonishing event to watch as well as perform.

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