Naw Ruz Gifts, Greeting Cards And Ecards –

New ruz day is also known as new year. New ruz is celebrate as a religious holiday. This day not only the new year but also the end of their nineteen days fast. New ruz has been fixed at 21 march. many people send and receive naw ruz greeting cards and ecards each other.

Naw-ruz is begin after the sunset it singles the end of the nineteen day fast so this day is very important according to the bahai person. In the celebrations music and dancing are also include and greeting cards are also exchange to each other.

In the all Bahแi holy days there are few fixed rules for observing Naw-Ruz, but Iranian Bahแi’s are following Iranian traditions. Some person of the Bahai use Naw-Ruz as a day of gift-giving. New ruz day many person wants that most of card are exchange to each other. In this day market is well decorated and shops are looking so nice. so people are perches lot of cards and gift items.

Some person do not able to parches the cards and gift. then they are use the E-cards. Many websites are available to give the free cards. so if people wants to send the E-cards, then use the following websites. one can click here to send the E-cards of naw ruz.



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