hot air balloon

hot air balloon

On this day various occasions are observed by the people. The day brings a great joy and happiness for the people of the entire World. If we look at the history of New Year day.

There were many logic to celebrate the New Year. A vast celebration is being held in entire world to mark the day. It is such a great day to resolute for best in life.

New Years Day Celebrations In Various Countries:

There are many countries in the world. They all have a different traditions and rituals to celebrate the New Year Day. Some traditions are given in the below-

  • On this occasion people of the some countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Netherland celebrate this day on the Beaches. There is a tradition to run into the water. It is known as a “Polar Bear Plunges”.
  • A competition of roses is held in the California, Pasadena etc. on this day people march out in the streets.
  • In India Hindu New Year day is observed that day when sun go into ‘Mesh Rashi’. People of the India celebrate this occasion by giving respects to their parents and to those persons which are elder. They greet each other for prosperity and good health.
  • A special tradition is celebrated in the Korea to play a game. It is a native game of the Korea that is known as a “Yutnolee”.

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