Holi Pooja Process

Pooja Process

New Years Day has a great significance in the world. It is celebrated with varied customs. Dancing and fireworks are an integral part of the New Year day. All countries used a different way to celebrate the New Year.

The occasion explores such an enormous happiness or cheerfulness in all around the world. It brings new rays to get success in life. It is also a perfect day to plan our goals or aims of life. It is a golden time to forget our bad experiences and forwarding step for the new things.

Various Activities On The New Year Day:

New Year has a lot of activities to mark the day. To give gifts and greeting to each other, late night parties are some common activities of the New Year day. Some other activities are given in the below-

On this occasion people drink wine at the level of unconsciousness. It is supposed a bad activity because it is harmful for that drunken person specially in driving.

People used to go in a disco or night club with their lovers or dear ones. It is a totally fun and entertaining activity.

On this day singing and dancing competition are also held for the new couples.

It is a finest activity to hold a buffet party at the home. People take food with each other by doing some enjoying and funny activities.

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