Celebrating New Year Eve :

New Years Day is a big celebration which is celebrated in all over the world. It is observed on the first day of the year. According to Gregorian calendar it takes place on first January. But in the Rome country it observed on some other dates. Christian people celebrate this New Year day as a eighth day of Christmas festival.



The day represents the reminiscent of previous year. It is mostly show on radio, news paper and television. On this day articles are published which are reveal the changes of passing year.

Articles are written on the various issues like political affair, popular personality, films, music, arts and development task etc. it is also described about a celebrity person who died in that particular year. A political planning and economic development of the country are also described by the articles.

The day is ritually known as a spiritual dinner. After the year of 1900 it is celebrate on the night of 31 December. This night is called “eve of the new year”. In the midnight of 31 December, crackers are fired and a big celebration is observed by the people of all around the world.

On this occasion it is also a tradition to take new promises to do something new or successful task.


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