Onam celebrations are the best celebrated festival in Kerela. This festival brings out the true colours of the people of Kerela who celebrate this festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. Onam is basically a harvest festival and is celebrated throughout India with different names for different regions.

Onam Celebrations In Kerela :

The popular belief of people during Onam is that the Asura King Mahabali visits Earth, which is why people take great care in cleaning of the houses and decorating it with the best of upholstery and flowers. Every member takes great effort in getting ready for Onam, by taking a bath and wearing their best new clothes. And the day begins with a visit to the temple to offer prayers and seek God’s blessings.

Onam is celebrated for ten days in the months of August-September. During these ten days the people of Kerela eat very firmly only vegetarian food, and make sure that they feed the poor so that their houses are blessed with prosperity. There are also rituals that encourage exchange of gifts to one another. The oldest member of the family receives presents from all the other members of the family. The last day of Onam celebrations is celebrated with great pomp and style, with music and dance, and the people of Kerela make traditional dishes that they offer to the Gods.

Onam is also known for the famous snake boat race. This race is popularly called as Vallamkali, and is a major tourist attraction event. People travel miles in order to watch this race.

The boats are decorated with colours and coins and also have silk umbrellas and embellishments which adds to the overall appearance of the boats. The crowd cheers and words of encouragement are offered for the competition to enliven. The race is filled with fun and enjoyment and people sing various boat songs to celebrate the event.

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