Onam is the biggest ever festival of Kerala, A beautiful and rich state of India. Onam is celebrated by all communities, specially by Malyalees in India and across the world.

This celebration comes at starting of month Chigum according to Malayalam calendar. Its equal to the August – September of Gregorian calendar. Carnival of Onam is celebrated from four to ten days. Day first called Atham, and last Thiruonam is celebrated with higher joy and enthusiasm.

Onam is announced as national festival of Kerala due to its popularity and rich culture. Onam festival celebration starts with Feasts, folk dances, elegant dances, energetic games, flowers, elephants decoration and many more things. Due to its popularity and long celebration govt. of India declare as tourist week of Kerala. Tourist from domestic and international visit Kerala on Onam specially. It will let him get closer look of its rich culture and activities of this unique festival.

Legendary Story Behind Onam:

Story behind Onam is that : king Mahabali was very regarded and respected by the people of Kerala. It was golden period of Kerala during his reign. Apart from these he has one shortcoming. Due to this shortcoming God boon his to visit his empire once in a year. Onam is the day on which people make preparation to welcome there honorable king, on his visit.

Celebration On Onam – Festival :

Carnival starts with the colorful designing at the doorstep of house. Women wakeup and get ready before sunrise and design Rangoli and kolam at doorstep of house with flowers and colors. A grand feast is prepared called “Onasadya” on Onam. It’s a 11 to 13 type of dishes that can be served on the leaves of bananas.

A snake boat race called “Vallamkali” is the best movement and play of Onam. More then 100 participants drive the snake boats in Pampa river. It’s the time of full enjoyment with crowed, cheering and competition during Boat race competition. Cultural dance “kaikutti kali” and

“Thumbi Thullal” is presented by women at homes specially on this day.

Date of famous festival Onam on year 2012 is: 29 August 2012

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  1. Kerala Boat Race
    May 9th, 2010 | 8:54 pm

    Though Nehru Boat Race at alleppey is the most famous and most grand, there are several other races in different parts of Kerala. It can get crazy but worth all the trouble.

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