Onam is a very important and special festival of India which is specially celebrated in kerala. the onam can be celebrated in the month of august – September. Many peoples can keep fast on the day. there are some boat races and other interesting games also being played on the day of onam in kerala. many women can celebrate this day with dance and songs. they also makes rangoli in their houses or temples.

Many people can install an image of lord vamana in their houses. all the family members can get together and take meal which can be served on green banana leaves on this day. A special boat race which is popularly known as Vallamkali is also a major attraction of onam which can be seen at Aranmulai and Kottayam. the onma is a festival of prosperity.

the festival of onam is a festival which is celebrated by hindus, Christians and Muslims as well. people can make cleaning and decoration of their houses, offices and temples on this day. the festival of onam is celebrated in the memory of a grate king mahabali which was a popular king and he ruled kerala a long time. the onam celebration is the remembrance of the graceful rule of the great king mahabali and many people can believe this that the king mahabali returns to kerala on this day .

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