Paap Mochani Ekadashi In India :

Pap Mochani Ekadashi dedicated to annihilated the bad Karma by an individual. It is the day which is generally by Hindu religion in India. On that day especial Yagya started to reduce the results of bad acts performed by a person during his life. Pap Mochani Ekadashi comes as on the dark fortnight of the month of Hindu calendar named Chaitra.

There is a myth about the importance of this day in Hindu religion. Once upon a time there is a great character of a great epic Mahabharata asked a question to the supreme power the lord Krishna that what the importance of this Ekadashi day is. Than lord Krishna replied that this is the day when a faithful devotee can remove the influences of demons and ghost from him.

If an individual who performed all of the faiths of this Ekadashi day than it will be reward him by the major eight perfections of life. This day make a person’s life pure and rewarded his life from the influences of sinful actions of life. It also fulfills his desires of life. People followed the fast during that time for purify his life’s sinful actions.

  • Pap Mochani Ekadashi In Year 2012 : 

Pap Mochani Ekadashi is a most important day for each of the Hindu religious follower to reduce and remove the influence of sinful acts of an individual. Pap Mochani Ekadashi celebrate each of the year as on the dark fortnight of Chaitra month.

faithful devotee of Supreme Power.

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