Paryushan or Daslasksana Parva –

The Jain community celebrates diffren0t days and festivals like other communities throughout the world celebrates many social and religious functions annually. The superb Jain festival popularly known as Paryushan parva. Paryashan Parva is a one of the most important festival days in Jainism. Paryushana takes place in August – September every year. Paryashan Parva festival is celebrated with fasting, reading of scriptures, observing silence etc. Svetambara jains celebrate eight days of paryushan and the last day is called Samvatsari and Digambar Jain’s celebrate this festival for ten days and it starting on the last day of Shwetambar Paryushan.

As peoples know that Paryushan mean pari + ushan = all kinds + to burn = to burn our all types of karmas and to shed our karmas we do twelve different types of austerities including fasting. The second meaning of ushan is to stay closer. The actual purpose of the Paryushan is to purify our soul, to look at our own faults, to ask for forgiveness for the mistakes we have committed, and gave up or minimize our faults. We try to forget about the needs of our body (like as food) and our business and other things so that we can concentrate on our-self.

great Jain Acharya have said that

“Kshama Viram Bhushanam, Kshamavani Michhami Dukkadam”

It means to ask for forgiveness is a great quality of the brave ones and if I have committed any mistake, knowingly or unknowingly, I ask for your forgiveness. The shedding of our karmas really begins by asking for forgiveness with real feelings and to take some vows not to repeat mistakes. The quality of the forgiveness requires humility (absence of ego) and suppression of anger.

There are several great aphorisms to ask for forgiveness with the unity of the body, speech and mind and one of them is as follows:

“Khamemi Savve Jiva, Savve Jiva Khamantu Mi
Mitti Me Savva bhuesu, Veram majjham na Kenai.”

Mean I forgive all the living beings in the universe and may all the living-beings forgive me for my faults. I do not have any animosity towards anybody, and I have friendship for all living beings.

Digambar Jains celebrate ten best characteristics of the soul and they are :-

Kshamaa, Mardav, Arjav, Shauch, Satya, Samyam, Tapa, Tyaga, Akinchan and Brahmacharya .

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