Phagu Purnima is another given to Holi in the central regions of India like Bihar and UP (Uttar Pradesh). Phagu means the sacred red powder (gulal) and Purnima means the full moon day. The festival typically falls on the month of Phalgun, which is the last month according to the Hindu calendar.

Phagu Purnima Celebration, Phagwa :

Phagu Purnima is celebrated with great joy and zest in the central India. Although the basic concept of Phagu Purnima celebration is

similar to holi, where people play with colors and smear their friends and relatives faces with Gulal, what makes the Phagu Purnima celebrations unique is that unlike other parts of India, in central regions of the country, Phagu Purnima is celebrated during the later part of the Phalgun month and in the early parts of Chaitra, first month in Hindu calendar.

The Phagu Purnima is synonymous of merry making for Hindus. On the festival day, the streets become the painting canvas and it is painted by colors of different hues, smeared on every faces, even the passer bys are not spared. The whole country is immersed in colors and balloons filled with colored water are busted.

In the remote place of Bihar and UP, the Phagu Purnima celebrations begin with the locals installing a ceremonial pole known as “Chir” and stripes of colored cloth are hung on top of the Chir. All Indians, irrespective of their caste and creed welcome the Phagu Purnima with great joy and they take the opportunity to visit their friends and relative for a get together and enjoy a happy family Lunch or dinner.

Phagu Purnima marks the beginning of spring season and it brings great joy for the Indian farmers since Spring is the harvest season. The Farmers pray and thank the almighty for the rich harvest and seek blessing for a fertile soil and better harvest next year. The Phagu Purnima, leaves a smile on every India face, that’s the spirit of the festival.

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