Pongal is the most popular festival of India. It comes on the day of 14th January every year. The pongal festival specially celebrated in south India. pongal festival can be celebrated for four days in south.

First day of pongal is dedicated to Lord Krishna because he lifted the gordhan parvat on his little finger to save people from the rain and flood. so this pongal festival takes an important part of the south Indian people’s life. This festival is having a similarity like raksha Bandhan and bhai dooj.

The Pongal Festival is a very well known and popular festival which can be celebrated across in India specially in south part of India. The Pongal Festival comes in the month of mid January in a year. people celebrate the pongal with a graete joy and happiness.

On the occasion of Pongal Festival women cleans their home and then prepare for special pooja. some of women also make rangoli at home and temples. the home or temple can be decorated with many flowers and this festival important fact is many women make rangoli on the front of gate of home. women make sweet dish and delicious food at home for their family members. then at evening time all of family members get together and take food.

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